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Does a swimming pool add value to your home?

indoor endless pool x 460.jpgWhen we accompany clients to look at properties, they often appraise the property with a view to adding a swimming pool. Our advice however is that this is a decision that needs careful thinking about as a swimming pool will not add value to your home and could even reduce the number of potential buyers when you come to sell your property.

Clients who move from the suburbs of London, who have small gardens and sometimes only patios, see the grounds at some properties they are viewing and automatically plan to install a tennis court or a swimming pool.

Yes, swimming pools can be fun, inspirational and highly appealing for a family with young children but will you get the use out of it? And, importantly, does it add appeal and enhance the value of your home?

Taking the plunge

Owning an outdoor pool or installing a new pool is not seen today as just for the wealthy even though the cost of installing a swimming pool can range from £20,000 - £30,000 and depending on the specification could be substantially higher! The capital outlay of installing a swimming pool is one aspect, the running costs are another and are estimated to be in the region of £10 per day, so be warned. 

If a property you are considering buying already has a swimming pool, then your thoughts maybe somewhat different; many clients have said it is like ‘Marmite’ i.e. you either love it or loathe it!  Some clients have been put off a house simply because it has a pool which they see as a safety issue in addition to not wanting the financial commitment or the hassle of the up-keep. While others find them appealing despite them not being high on their shopping list of requirements.

It is estimated that there are nearly 250,000 UK homes that have a private swimming pool and approximately 2,500 are being installed every year. So, it is true to say that not everyone is put off by the installation and running cost of owning their own pool.

A more economic alternative

Of course the more you spend on an outdoor pool, arguably the bigger and better the swimming pool should be. But there is also an alternative. With modern technology there are an increasing number of smaller exercise swimming pools sometimes referred to as ‘endless pools’. These are often squeezed into small places where you swim or exercise against a broad, deep current that's adjustable to any speed, stroke or ability. These are easier to install and as they are indoor pools easier to maintain and cheaper to run.

Whilst owning an outdoor swimming pool, endless pool or hot tub will not add value to your home they are certainly a wonderful lifestyle investment if you enjoy having fun in the water and are prepared for the cost of upkeep!

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