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Our Aim

Our Aim

A professional yet personal approach

Providing a professional yet personal approach

You are in the market for a property, and you want the best property possible; we, as your property search consultant aim to secure you the right property in the right location at the right price. To achieve this, it is important that we clearly understand your needs; this underpins every move we make on your behalf, so we present you only with properties that meet your criteria. So often we employ people to represent us in other areas of life, yet when buying a property we choose to go it alone. Working with Premier Property Search you can be confident our knowledge and expertise is supporting your best interests. Our professional yet personal approach is your guarantee of the highest quality of service.

Keeping you one step ahead and saving you time

Good properties are scarce, and many do not even make it onto the open market. How do you get to see them before they appear in the window of the estate agent? By employing us as your property search consultant, you can tap into our extensive knowledge of the market to your advantage, we can access advance information on properties before they are released onto the open market so you can avoid the competition. What is more, we always conduct an in-depth search and preview all the properties so you only see the very best – saving you time.

Passing on our property market knowledge and insight

When working with a property search consultant, it is important to know that they have an outstanding knowledge of the market in which you wish to buy or rent. Premier Property Search are specialists in acquiring country houses and estates, equestrian properties, farms, village and city houses across the UK for both private and corporate clients. We use our expert knowledge to your advantage to secure the property that best suits you and your requirements.

Bridging the pricing gap through property negotiation

When it gets to the financial negotiation stage of trying to secure your property a professional property negotiator will be able to save you money. We have both the experience and knowledge to bridge the gap between the seller (vendor) and you, the purchaser.

Meeting each party’s expectation is often difficult as a number of factors need to be taken into consideration. At times both parties will be poles apart but a skilled property negotiator can close the gap and agree a deal. However, on some occasions the difference will never be met so a deal satisfying all parties will not be reached.

Being realistic is important for both parties. Often, a selling agent will tell an owner what they think the owner wants to hear, particularly when it comes to a valuation. By raising expectations they will gain an advantage and win the instruction to sell the property but this causes problems when you make an offer. Sometimes the vendor will have been seduced into believing that the ‘guide price’ is a firm price and be reluctant to take offers. A property negotiator with many years of experience will know when to advise you to wait and when you will need to improve your offer to counteract such scenarios.