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Residential Property

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Being Residential Property Search specialists, means that we will provide to you a quality service which is tailored to your individual needs.

We do not sell or let property and we are not estate agents, our sole aim is to find you the right property to meet your needs and secure it for you.

Whether buying or renting finding yourself the most suitable property and being 100% confident in your decision is a tall order; everyone knows that house hunting is time consuming and stressful.

Benefits to you of using our services include:

Conducting a Full Residential Property Search for you, looking at property for sale in the area that meets your requirements as well as sourcing property not yet on the market. Searching through your desired area to Locate Rental Property which meets your requirements. Visiting the property on your behalf and undertaking a Thorough Property Review, so you save time as we only select properties for you to view that fulfil your stated requests.

Negotiating on your behalf to obtain the right price for the property using our years of experience in the property market is part of our Residential Property Search role.

Increasingly those in the know are leaving it to a professional Property Consultant, as we oversee the entire process on your behalf. Using Premier Property Search for your Residential Property Seach means that you will have an experienced, trustworthy team on your side throughout the whole process. You may though just want someone to guide and assist you through the property dealings and if so you might want our Property Review Service instead.