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What Do Property Negotiators Do?

What Do Property Negotiators Do?

Experienced Property Negotiators can save you money

We will negotiate strongly on your behalf

As experienced and professional property negotiatiors we are used to negotiating strongly on behalf of our clients to meet and exceed their expectations. We put you and your requirements at the centre of everything we do for you by acting for only a limited number of non-conflicting clients at any one time.

We are completely open and honest with our clients, so you receive realistic and unbiased opinions and recommendations during any property negotiation, whether you are renting or buying a property.

Provide advice about timing, price and other factors

Timing is a significant factor as is the ‘demand and supply’ of property in the area that you are either selling or trying to buy in. A phrase that is often used is, ‘the market will dictate and the property will find its own level’. This is true whether the property market favours the buyer or the purchaser. Yet it is not always a monetary issue which requires the skills of a property negotiator sometimes other factors are just as important and a skilled property negotiator will uncover these and advise their clients accordingly.

Help overseas clients when buying a property unseen

Listening to clients and understanding their brief and budget is important. Many would be foreign investors in the UK housing market do not understand the property negotiation process in the UK. This is where an experienced property negotiator will save them time, money and stress when buying a property on their behalf.

Using professionals to negotiate on your behalf helps you to save money wherever you are buying property in the UK, even if you are purchasing from overseas.

Formulate a property negotiation strategy to save you money

By talking with you and understanding what your priorities and total budget is we are able to formulate and agree a property negotiation strategy, putting forward and recommending various options that are available to you.

Research is all important so we will gather background knowledge about your property and the owners, as well as other comparable properties which have sold recently, so current data can be used by the property negotiator. A formal, written proposal is then given to the vendor’s agent. Details are also important so included in the proposal will be your offer to buy (or rent) the property, details about how the transaction will be financed, your buying position, the timing and what is to be included within the offer price. By adopting this professional approach both the agent and vendor realise that you mean business and that they are dealing with an expert, proficient property negotiator.

On occasions we need to adjust and revise our offer but this is all part of the strategy and the property negotiation process.