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"I need to land my Tiger Moth!" and other unusual house buying requests

tiger mothUnusual requests are par for the course at Premier Property Search and we are familiar with fulfilling any type of requirement. However the most flamboyant request came from a client with a Tiger Moth aeroplane who needed a country house with a landing strip!

It ranks amongst one of our most challenging tasks and required dedicated research, but sourcing the unusual is something we are accustomed to. The love of vehicles manifested in another client who concentrated more on the garage for their new Ferrari than the house itself.

And then there are couples where the gentleman wants a place in the middle of the countryside and the lady has her heart set on a property with a sea view. Or occasionally, a couple who live on the other side of the world and ask us to spend £2 million for them without them ever seeing the place.

Wish Fulfilment

The solution is straightforward – it is about knowing what the client wants and we achieve this by understanding their needs and adapting quickly to any changes.

Added to this is our extensive experience of property and network of contacts, which keep us up-to-date, alerting us to properties before they come onto the market. This gives us, and our clients, a tremendous advantage when securing a dream property.

Over the past three years Premier Property Search has facilitated the procurement of over £45 million worth of property.

Was it happy landings?

If you are curious about the gentleman with the Tiger Moth, well we found him his landing strip, but soon after he wrote off his plane, lost his nerve and gave up flying.


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