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20% Negotiated Saving

“We bought our house for over 20% less than the asking price and Nigel negotiated that discount”- Matthew & Clare Bryce-Smith

Matthew & Clare Bryce-Smith

In securing our house, it was initially on the market for more than we could afford. We actually bought it for just over 20% less than the asking price and Nigel negotiated that discount.

He very modestly says that it was over-priced to begin with, but I really don't think that that sort of discount was all down to over-inflated pricing. He knew that if we could wait it out, we'd be OK. Waiting it out was not something I had done much of after house-hunting for so long, but then I'd never secured a house before. Who knows, the bottom line is that we bought the house we wanted at a price we were more than happy with.

At the end of the negotiation process when we were fairly assured that the house was ours if we could just agree on a price Matthew, my husband, told Nigel to offer £20,000 more. Nigel, bless him, got the deal taped offering just £10,000 more. Really, negotiating by ourselves would never have done that.

- Matthew & Clare Bryce-Smith

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