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Buying a plot of land

buying a plot x 460.jpgFor many, trying to find and buy your perfect house to meet your exacting standards, specifications and aspirations can be a tough and time consuming job. Some people give up and try to find other methods or solutions to finding their perfect home, while others have a desire from the outset to take on a project and build something themselves.

However, there is one very important ingredient missing before you can even start to design and build a property, and that is the plot or land. And that’s not all, finding a plot is relatively easy, but being able to build what you want, in the size and style that you want is something quite different. In a previous blog we covered the subject of ‘planning’ and the understanding of local policies and regulations laid down by the county council to say nothing of the complexities and process that you need to go through.

It would be short sighted not to know and understand the restrictions and limitations before you enter into any negotiations to buy a site or a plot of land; this differs enormously from area to area and geographical region. ‘Virgin plots/sites’ for individual properties particularly in the south of England and where there is a high demand for property are virtually impossible to find or should we say are becoming very rare.

There are people, companies and consultants that specialise in a ‘plot finding service’ whether it is a plot for a single dwelling or for multiple houses. There are many developers of varying sizes as well as builders that have their own teams engaged purely to undertake and find such opportunities. You will not be surprised to learn that there are many developers and builders that have ear-marked or who have an option to build on ‘brown sites’ on the edge of villages, towns and cities on the off chance that they one day will be able to get planning.

The private individual should be prepared to invest a considerable amount of time looking for the ideal site and opportunity. It is not just the time it will take to find and buy the right plot, but the time it will take to get the necessary planning permission, go out to tender for the building work and the six months or so it will take to build out your home.

An easy option, it can be. Fraught with problems? Oh yes. Rewarding? Absolutely.  A cheaper alternative? Seldom. Do you need luck? Very much so!  

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