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Fulfilling 'dreams and aspirations' for our clients...

Fulfilling 'dreams and aspirations' for our clients... x 460.pngAt Premier Property Search we pride ourselves on fulfilling the ‘dreams and aspirations’ of our clients.These are varied, sometimes humorous and occasionally quite challenging, but, if it exists or it can be created, then we will do our best.

Whilst the property and home is an integral part of the brief, often too is the aspiration to acquire something that is unique.

Previous property searches have included:


  • Creating a stud and equestrian centre. Found in Uckfield, Sussex.
  • A Georgian “edge of village” house with sufficient land to create a ‘challenging’ nine hole Par 3 golf course. Found in Romsey, Hampshire.
  • Moving a client from the USA who owned 18 vintage Rolls Royce and Bentley cars and carriages along with 11 vintage motor bikes that required garaging. Found in Child Okeford, East Dorset.
  • Finding properties where a client can land (and take off) in his prized tiger-moth aeroplane. Found in West Meon, Hampshire.
  • A Captain of Concorde wanted to keep his two Spitfire aeroplanes in a hanger close to his house. Found in Upton Grey, Hampshire.

One particular brief was to find an area of garden where a ‘first class’ cricket square could be created. That’s more challenging than you would first think;

Our client was a member of the MCC, a top executive of the Disney TV Channel and a very keen cricketer himself. He simply said that he had a son who had great potential as a cricketer and he would also like to ask his own friends and business associates to ‘come and play cricket on his cricket pitch’.

The topography of the land has to be totally flat to start with, yes, it can be landscaped, but flat land is a distinct advantage. The space within the existing curtilage of the land surrounding a house for a full pitch is enormous; a large agricultural field would require planning consent for change of use and it is not guaranteed that consent would be granted.

There were many suitable houses that we were able to show this client but most were not acceptable as the land for a cricket pitch was not suitable.

However, after many months of searching we were successful at finding both the right house and the right area where this first class cricket pitch could be created.

This cricket pitch with its superb pavilion has been used for many charity events as well as providing training facilities for several county and international cricket teams.

Our clients’ son is currently a top professional first class cricketer who captains his country... South Africa!

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