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You have relocated your head office and now what about your staff?

You have relocated your head office and now what about your staff?

Moving house is rated as the most stressful undertaking in life second only to divorce. With this in mind you are likely to be met with some reservations and barriers by your staff to the idea of a move. It inevitably means upheaval for their family, a new home and new schools for the children, possibly a new job for the spouse, as well as an enormous amount of time and heartache in organising the entire process.

There is, however, help at hand. Premier Property Search (PPS) - Corporate Relocation Services specialise in helping to relocate employees and their families into new regions. They are a corporate relocation and home finding company helping people to rent or buy their ideal home and to settle in the UK. They take the headache out of a move for employers by ensuring that their member of staff does not spend weeks at work distracted by the organisation of their own move.

The first step is to take a full brief of the family's requirements and then organise an orientation drive to introduce the family to the area. Then appointments are made to show the family suitable properties. PPS Relocation Services also advise on schools, doctors, leisure facilities and commuting times and, if the new employee comes from abroad, advise on the many practical and cultural issues facing a foreign visitor. All of this can be coordinated from a distance without the need for the family to constantly travel to the area making the programme efficient and effective, both in terms of time and money.

Once the family has made their decision PPS Relocation Services will act on their behalf to make the offer, secure the property and negotiate the terms of the tenancy or follow through to exchange and completion. On moving-in-day, if renting can check the inventory, organise the utilities and provide further information on local facilities and services.

You can imagine the impact that all of this has on the family’s attitude towards a move. It no longer looms as an interminable headache but becomes a new adventure. This in turn means fewer objections from staff to the company’s move and an all round smoother transfer.

Anders Olin was a client of PPS Relocation Services when his company Ericsson, moved him and his family from America to the South of England. Anders said, "My wife and young children had spent no time in the UK and the prospect of organising the move from abroad was daunting. However, the additional assistance we received from PPS Relocation Services, beyond the mere finding and securing of the rental property was invaluable".

If you are looking for an experienced and professional corporate and relocation company to facilitate the move of your employees please contact Barbara Sellers on +44 (0) 1962 793100 or email: