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Things to consider when looking to purchase a listed property

listed building“Listed Property” means that the house is on the national register and classed as a property of architectural or historic importance.

In simple terms your home is considered of special architectural or historic interest, the listing of which protects the whole of the building both inside and outside.

If you wish to demolish, alter or extend your building in any way which affects the character or setting, you must contact the conservation officer at your local planning authority for Listed Building Consent (LBC). LBC is similar to planning permission although no fees are payable.

Listed properties can rarely be radically extended or altered although updating of a kitchen and bathroom is acceptable with the approval of a Conservation Officer.

Owners of listed properties have a “duty” to keep the property in good repair and to maintain the character of the building.  This includes the grounds and area surrounding the house and any outbuildings.

We always recommend to clients considering purchasing a listed property that they need to budget to ensure they have enough capital for an on-going rolling maintenance and up-keep programme.

We would also strongly recommend that a full structural survey is carried out and that our clients use a surveyor with experience of surveying period properties.

Failure to obtain consent before altering a listed building is a criminal offence and may result in a fine or even a term of imprisonment. The Local authority can also serve an enforcement notice in respect of unauthorised works requiring owners to restore the building to its former state, so it is important to understand whether any unauthorised work has been undertaken by previous owners that needs putting right before you commit to purchasing the property.

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