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To commute or not to commute?

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For many people, especially families who live and work in London, this is the key question to consider. The disruption to family life, the potential huge cost and effort that is involved, weighed up against the potential benefits to be gained, are major considerations with major implications.

One of the benefits of moving to the country is the possibility of buying a larger property, bringing with it the trade-off of having to commute back into the City for work. It is often the case that some travelling times within London from home to work in fact take the same time, or even less than a commute from the country, so what other attractions are there?

The appeal of a larger property giving more living space, both inside and outside has enormous appeal as does an easier school journey for the children. These are just a couple of reasons why moving out of town has always been popular.

The realisation that it is possible to move from a three bed roomed terrace property with on-street parking in the city to a four or five bed detached property with a garden, where you can park in your own drive with possibly space for a pool or court in the garden in the country is a major draw or ‘no-brainer’.

Education and schooling is one of the biggest considerations and why so many Londoners plan to move out to the country even before having their children. London has a reputation for some excellent state and private schools but few will struggle to compete with all categories of schools outside the City for space and the simplicity of some school journeys. Walking to a school in some cases becomes a reality.

Even if the journey to work takes a little longer, the commute has now become part of the work day due to the advancement in modern technology; a chance to check and respond to emails, plan the work day or simply catch up on reading the all-important documents and reports before the office day starts.

For many, there comes a time for a lifestyle change and the opportunity to transform their standard of living.  If the distance back to the City is within a reasonable daily commute it will also be, by design, within reach of the restaurants, theatres and shops should you need that ‘fix’!

What’s holding you back?

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