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What benefits do property search agents bring?

benefits of property search agentThere are many benefits as to why people choose to use a professional property search agent to help them invest in one of the single most expensive purchases they are likely to make. These are all well documented in brochures and sales literature but there are additional attributes that simply wouldn’t make it into a brochure or put on a website that clients find fascinating; some may call it ‘the tricks of the trade’ but it is just years of experience.

As an example, a professional property search agent / buyer should ask those difficult, awkward questions to either the owner or the person showing you the property;

  • How long has the property been on the market?
  • How did you decide on the guide price and what other local property comparisons did you use?
  • If the owner was to stay here what would be their next project and why?
  • Why are the current owners selling?  
  • What recent serious interest or offers have there been?
  • Has the property recently had any essential repair works carried out?

A professional property search agent / buyer should also:-

  • Where possible, always drive away following a property viewing in a different direction to the way they arrived. An estate agent often sends you via the most picturesque route.
  • Always look over the neighbouring walls and fences to assess what the neighbours are up to.
  • Look the property up using Google Earth.Googl earth
  • If viewing the property more than once, always view a property at a different time of the day.
  • The busiest time of the day for traffic is often the morning and evenings. Prior to agreeing to buy a property, always try to be in the area even sit in your car outside the property to assess how busy the traffic is.
  • Sundays on some roads can be busier with traffic than on other days. Motorcyclists are renowned for using their bikes on dry Sundays; make a point of seeing how noisy the roads close to any suitable properties are before committing to buying.
  • Use the web site to check out crime figures and data within the area.

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